Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hot Shawls on The Block :)

~Dual Tone with Crystal Shawl~

Normal price: rm25-30
Orkid Bee's Price : rm20

OB 1 - Purple & Black 1 (SOLD OUT)

This shawl is very in nowadays! U have 2 layer and u can easily change the direction of ur shawl!

Glamor taw! :)

OB2 – White & Black

OB3- Dark Purple & Black

0B4-Pink & Black

OB5- Grey & Black (SOLD to Kaksha)

OB6 – Maroon & Black

OB7- Choc & Black (SOLD OUT!)

OB8 – Dark Choc & Black

~Italian Chiffon Shawl~

rm10 only

This shawl is slightly short and less width. So it really easy to wear!! Seriously. Very airy and cute.

Hehe. I tried this shawl like Jezmine style (A vey cute n reli beautiful fashion writer & Old Blossom Box owner)

look here

P/s: Mine jgn mrh i tiru ur style!

OB9 - yellow
OB10 - pink
OB11 - white background

See...this shawl is very cute n easy to wear. U dont have to pening2 tarik the shawl ke kiri or kanan. haha. Xserabut lgsg!

OB12 - blue (SOLD to syufiza)
OB13- black
OB14 - pink

~Abstract Shawl~
Normal Length n Width
RM20 for 2

OB16 - Purple (SOLD to Kaksha)
OB17 - Green
OB18 - Chocolate

~Italian Chiffon~
Normal Length and Width

Very cute, soft and airy!

OB19 - pink (SOLD to syufiza)
OB20- red
OB21 - green (not in da pic)
OB22 - black
OB23 - grey

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