Monday, June 30, 2008

Article about Egyption Potion


Egyptian Potion Perfumes Now Available In Brunei By Amin Hosni
Bandar Seri Begawan - The perfumes from the Egyptian Potion Perfumes line are formulated to mimic the scents of international perfumes, and they contain no alcohol or water. The perfumes are now available in Brunei.

The Bulletin had the chance to speak with Josafri Johari, Chief Operating Officer of Aurafine, who is here to promote the product line, yesterday. According to Josafri Johari, the quality of the product is high and is easily affordable. "The scents are all inspired by original perfumes. One bottle contains up to 80 applications and the scent is long-lasting," he said. "Since the product has already taken the market by storm in Malaysia, I hope it will be just as popular in Brunei," he added.

Malaysia's EP Ventures has partnered with an Egyptian company to market this product, so as to ensure that all the ingredients used in making the perfumes are specially selected and always fresh. 15,000 units of the perfumes, which were launched two months ago, have reportedly been sold in Malaysia since its launch.

Egyptian Potion Perfumes comes in sample packages that contain 10 two-millilitre perfume bottles, with scents that are inspired by different perfume brands such as Giorgio Annani, Donna Karan, ElizabethArden, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Jennifer Lopez, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more. Egyptian Potion Perfumes comes in three sets for women and one set for men. For further details, customers can go to EP Ventures branches in Mestari Jaya or Alyaa Beauty House.-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin
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